Searching for a taxi in Rockville via Google .
Local business results for taxi near Rockville, MD 20851
Shannon before 1:30PM lunch break
Has Russian and Spanish speaking agents
flexible in understanding - (301) 984-1900

"All agents are assisting other customers. Please hold for the next available Barwood."
how paying,
time for,
are you ready now,
what time,
pick-up address,

I phone dispatcher for taxi service

--PASSENGER: Where is the taxI I ordered at 5:15?--DISPATCHER It will arrive early, at 5:45--PASSENGER But I ordered it for 5:15.

--DISPATCHER OK, I am sending a cab over right now. Is your address Mount Rose Road?
--PASSENGER Yes. Thank you. I'll be waiting on Montrose Road for you.

THE END && Thanks to Tamar.

Say 10 to 6 instead of 5:50
Say a quarter after 5 instead of 5:15